Monday, November 8, 2010

Politics and Government Homework

Chapter Five

pgs 99-109

1) What problems did the Americans have in the Mediterranean?

2) Why did the British hijack American ships?

3) "The fifth year of the American constitutional republic should have been a time of consolidation, as well as enjoyment of certain aspects of Hamilton's financial system." (pg 104)

What was Hamilton's economic system? Explain.

4) Adams voted for peace twice. What were the two instances in which he voted for peace?

5) Discuss Washington's role in the Whiskey Rebellion. Why was this event significant?

6) "Jefferson, aside from farming was now using his slaves to manufacture nails." (107) Why is this an example of Jefferson's "higher hypocrisy"?

7) Discuss the following quote of Jefferson speaking to Adams: "I am sure from the honesty of your heart, you join me in detestation of the corruption of the English government, and that no man on earth is more incapable than yourself of seeing that copied among us willingly." How might it be argued that Jefferson is attempting to manipulate Adams here?

8) Why was there so much opposition to John Jay's treaty amongst the Republicans?

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