Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Democratizing Twentieth Century Homework

Read Zinn Chapter 17 pgs 443-458

1) Read Zinn Chapter 6 and identify the following terms or concepts using the following table.

Column A: Term and its Description (What does Zinn want you to know/think/believe about this?)
Column B: Evidence (Provide a quote to illustrate description)
Column C: Discussion (How does this connect to the Civil Rights Movement focus questions: Why then? Why did the endeavor for reform get underway when it did? What gains were won? What gains were sought but not won?)

Read 182-199


a) southern blacks and the communist party
b) Angelo Herndon
c) Harry Truman and blacks
e) Truman's Committee on Civil Rights
f) use of Federal Courts
g) Martin Luther King
h) Greensboro, NC
i) CORE/Freedom Rides
j) John Kennedy and blacks
l) Lyndon Johnson and blacks

Question: What did Malcolm X think about Martin Luther King's march on Washington? Provide at least one quote from the Malcolm X excerpt on 457-458.

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