Monday, April 16, 2012

Democratizing Twentieth Century Classwork 4/16

I have tried to align folks with things they've expressed interest in. If there are any problems with the groups, we can discuss changes. If you want to talk to someone about switching with you, realize that each group must contain a minimum of three people. And, it is impossible for everyone to get her or his first choice.

For today, split up into these groups and answer each of the following questions. Use your break homework to support your answers. You will answer these questions in your presentations. I will check tomorrow.

A - Why then? Why did this movement(s) get underway when it did?

B - What gains were won? What gains were sought but not won?

C - If the reform was only partially achieved, what limited its attainment?

1) Women’s Liberation

· Rosa, Claudia, Nisha, Wendy

· Angelica, Diego, Larisa, Michael, Kammie

2) Anti-War and Free Speech Movements

· Jason Li, John Crespo, Chris C, Demetri G

· James, Stephen, Christian, Dmitry, Jemma

3) LGTB Liberation Movement

· Lila, Samantha, Grace

· Jackie, Miguel, Lina, Aaron

4) Puerto Rican, Latino, Native American and Multicultural Movements

· Jesus, Carlos, Mei Ling

· Dylan, Brandon, Candice, Matt

5) Black Power Movement

· Nija, Emily, Jason, Najzali, Sydney, Sophia

· Robert, Brian, Patrick, Robert

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