Friday, September 20, 2013

Democratizing Twentieth Century Homework - Due Mon, Sept 23

Democracy and Equality for Women: The Right to Vote

EQ: Why did the Women's Suffrage Movement get underway when it did?

Read the following.  Print if possible.  Take notes in notebook.  Remember to the four causes of the Women's Suffrage Movement: industrialization, immigration, education, WWII

The Battle for Suffrage 

Notes should reflect:

POV: What are the central ideas?  What does the author want you to know, think, and believe?
Evidence: How can you tell what the author wants you to know, think, and believe?  What does s/he say specifically?  Who does s/he quote directly?  What numerical or statistical data does the author provide to support her/his claims?
Connections: How does this connect to the unit’s essential question?  How does this text connect to other texts?  How can you use this text to support a claim or counter-claim you will make in an upcoming essay?

Reflections: What most surprised you about this text?  What inspired you?  What offended you?  Why?

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