Monday, September 23, 2013

Politics and Government Homework - Due Tuesday Sept, 24

Read Zinn pages 77-96

Answer each of the following questions using SEVERAL COMPLETE SENTENCES. Include at least one quote that helped you determine your answer.

1. Which segments of the population supported the war, which were against and which were neutral? Why do you think this was the case?

2. Which groups were not allowed to participate in the Revolutionary Militia? Why do you think they were forbidden?

3. Discuss the findings of historian John Shy. What does he seem to be suggesting about the relationship between social class and war?

4. Discuss the Connecticut draft. Do you think this draft was democratic? Why or why not?

5. How do the soldiers react to Robert Morris?

6. Why might one describe the Maryland constitution as aristocratic? (aristocratic - a form of government in which a few of the most prominent citizens rule)

7. Discuss concerns about poor whites as they related to blacks.

8. Zinn seems to be suggesting that the war was more about class than independence. Provide three quotes that support his claim. Explain why you have selected each quote. 

9. Compare the British relationship with Indians to the French relationship with Indians.

10. Discuss the British use of biological warfare.

11. Why did Inidans side with the British during the Revolution?

12. Reflect on Zinn's discussion of blacks before and after the Revolution.
a) Why did slavery expand in the South and not the North?
b) Discuss the demands that free blacks made on society.

13. Compare and contrast the opinions of Charles Beard and George Bankcroft regarding the Constitution.

14. List the economic interests groups who attended the Constitutional Convention.

15. What prompted Shays' Rebellion? Consider both economic and political reasons.

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