Thursday, September 19, 2013

Politics and Government Homework - Due Friday, Sept 20

Did the Constitution's framers intend to create a revolutionary and democratic government?

Read, analyze, and take notes on the Declaration of Independence:

Remember to consider the different elements of primary source analysis.  Your notes will be graded on a four pt scale and should reflect the following:

POV: What are the central ideas?  What does the author want you to know, think, and believe?
Evidence: How can you tell what the author wants you to know, think, and believe?  What does s/he say specifically?
Connections: What does this text say about the historical time period?  What events may have impacted the author’s writing?  How might this text have impacted future events? 

Reflections: What most surprised you about this text?  What inspired you?  What offended you?  Why?

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