Monday, November 17, 2014

Politics and Government - Homework - Due Tues, Nov 18

Finish reading the Horton essay.  Complete notes and annotations.  Complete the analysis sheet begun in class.

Race and the American Constitution: A Struggle toward National Ideals
--James Horton
1 – Context (provide evidence and analysis to support your answers)
·         What does the Constitution say about slavery directly?
·         What did Dahl suggest regarding slavery and the Constitution?
·         What does Vidal suggest about Jefferson and slavery?

2 – Summarize and analyze the Horton essay. Identify:
·         Important people , events, legislation, organizations, agencies
·         Provide direct evidence
·         Make connections to other texts and the essential question
·         Reflect on what surprised you and what confirmed your prior beliefs/evolving argument

3 – Do some synthesis writing that connects your analysis and notes to the essential question  (refer to chart in classroom) 

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