Monday, November 24, 2014

Democratizing Twentieth Century - Homework - Due Tues, Nov 25

1 - Finish Margaret Sanger Essay.  Title each paragraph, annotate text, and synthesize your ideas in your notebook. Be sure to identify connections to the causes for the Movement for Birth Control. 

2 - Read and Take Notes:

US v. One Package of Japanese Pessaries (1930):
Judge Augustus Hand US Circuit Court of Appeals stops short of declaring the Comstock Laws unconstitutional but orders their liberalizing. This decision was based on contemporary data which found that birth control was not obscene due to the damages unplanned pregnancy and the benefits of contraceptives. This ruling only applies to New York, Connecticut, and Vermont.
United States v. One Package - Significance

United States v. One Package - Comstock's Nemesis

2 -  Read and take notes:



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