Monday, January 26, 2015

Democratizing Twentieth Century America - Midterm Review

Progressive Era; amendments, legislation, policies of government, economics, culture
Monroe Doctrine
Panama Canal
Spanish American War
Women’s Suffrage Movement
Emma Goldman
Letta Hollingsworth
Helen Keller
Alice Paul
Calvin Coolidge
Warren Harding
Herbert Hoover
Taft-Hartley Act
Margaret Sanger/Birth Control Movement
Reproductive Rights Legal Cases
Anthony Comstock
New Deal
Franklin Roosevelt
Herbert Hoover
Dust Bowl
Great Depression
Grapes of Wrath
Motherhood, types of
WWI Bonus Army
Sacco and Vanzetti
Palmer Raids
Bolshevik Revolution
J. D. Rockefeller
Andrew Carnegie
Henry Ford
W. E. B. DuBois
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Mellon Plan
Flint Sit-Down Strike
Seattle General Strike
Gov't, Economic Systems
New Deal - impact of, programs created by, role of women in
Wagner Act
types of government and economic systems
Silent Sentinel
scab labor
collective bargaining

**This is a guide, not a verbatim list of everything that will be on the midterm. You need to study.  Please check the blog again if there are multiple snow days.
**Bring at least one number 2 pencil to the exam. You may have one 8.5x11 page on notes for the exam. FRONT ONLY, NO SHARING. If you re caught with a photocopy of another student's notes, both of you will receive a zero.

Readings: Zinn-Socialist Challenge, War is the Health, Self Help in Hard Times
Battle for Suffrage, Who Built America packets, Goldman and Hollingsworth essays. class notes on lectures, other links and readings such as Ford memoir.
Films: Roger and Me, CCC, Triangle Fire 

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