Monday, January 26, 2015

Politics and Government - Midterm Review

American Revolution
constitutional system; proportional/majoritarian
democratic stability 
first past the post/proportional voting
proportional representation/equal representation
runoff elections/double ballot
consensus governments; examples of 
Duverger's Law
divided government 
Presidential system/parliamentary system 
partisan politics
Alexis De Tocqueville
philosopher king
virtual representation
Southern veto 
Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
“power of the purse”
Electoral College/election of the president
Presidential election of 1876, presidential election of 2000
Constitutional Convention of 1787
Freedom House 
swing state
separation of powers
Federalist Papers 
John Locke
Thomas Paine
Declaration of Independence
checks and balances
House of Representatives; gerrymandering

Articles of Confederation
Bill of Rights
Whiskey Rebellion
Shays’ Rebellion
New Jersey Plan
Virginia Plan
Connecticut Compromise

George Washington
James Madison
James Wilson
Alexander Hamilton
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Paine
Andrew Jackson
Pseudo-democratization of the presidency
British constitution 
Executive, legislative, judicial branches (major powers of each)
Framers of the Constitution
States rights/state sovereignty
Earl Warren/Major Justices
14th amendment
Bill of Rights
due process
equal protection
privileges and immunities 
civil liberties
judicial review
Alien and Sedition Acts
Hamilton's Financial Plan

Marbury v Madison
McCollough v Maryland
Barron v Baltimore
Earls v Bd of Ed
Dred Scott Decision
Slaughterhouse Cases
Schenk v U.S.
Gitlow v NY
police power
Writ of Certiorari
Checks and Balances
Ben Franklin
Missouri Compromise
Slavery in the Constitution 
Reconstruction Amendments
overlapping jurisdiction
double jeopardy
change of venue
due process

 **This is a guide, not a verbatim list of everything that will be on the midterm. You need to study.  Please check the blog again if there are multiple snow days.
**Bring at least one number 2 pencil to the exam. You may have one 8.5x11 page on notes for the exam. FRONT ONLY, NO SHARING. If you re caught with a photocopy of another student's notes, both of you will receive a zero.

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