Thursday, February 26, 2015

Democratizing Twentieth Century America - Homework - Due Friday, Feb 27

Finish Zinn - A People's War?

1 - What was the Truman Doctrine? Why was the Greek Civil War significant in the context of this doctrine?

2 - Discuss the Chinese Civil War.

3 - Discuss the Korean War.

4 - Identify: Executive Order 9835

5 - What world events helped to foment anti-communist hysteria at home?

6 - Discuss the impact of anti-communist hysteria on domestic policy. Identify: Joseph McCarthy

7 - Identify: Internal Security Act

8 - Discuss the Rosenberg case. In what way does this case illustrate Cold War anti-communist hysteria?

9 - How did liberals respond to anti-communist hysteria?

10 - How did anti-communist hysteria manifest itself in popular culture?

11 - Discuss the development of the military industrial complex.

12 - Discuss the purpose and significance of the Marshall Plan.

13 - Discuss U.S. intervention Iran, Guatemala, and Lebanon.

14 - Discuss both pre and post revolutionary relationship between Cuba and the United States. Discuss the relationship between Cuba and the Soviet Union. 

15 - Discuss Zinn's characterization of JFK.

16 - Historical synthesis: Based on what you've read, what was the Cold War consensus?

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