Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Read Fighting for the Four Freedoms (Franklin and Moss), pages 476 - 480 (up until Blacks in the Service)

define: fascism 

1 - Discuss the impact of Mussoluni on African Americans.

2 - Discuss fascism and its impact on the attitudes of African Americans.

3 - What percentage of the military was African American in 1940?

4 - Discuss the status of black soldiers and the military's racial policies.

5 - What was the Selective Service Act? How did it impact African Americans?

6 -  Identify: A Philip Randolf
      Who was he, and why is he significant?

7 - Identify: Executive Order 8802/FEPC
     What was it, and why was it significant?

8 - How did whites, particularly Southern whites, respond to the Executive Order?

9 - Historical Synthesis: In a paragraph or two - How did WWII help to bring about the Civil Rights Movement?

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