Thursday, February 26, 2015

Politics and Government - Homework - (For Seniors) - Due Friday, Feb 27

Finish the article, notes, and questions.

The Most Wanted Gun in America
1 – How did the gun industry increase demand for the AR-15?
2 – How are the AR-15 and M-16 different?
3 – Discuss Tom Diaz’s book and analysis.
4 – Discuss guns in the U.S.’s history and culture.
5 – Discuss the evolution of the gun industry. How has the AR-15 impacted the gun industry?
6 – How did gun manufacturers respond to the 1994 assault weapons ban?
7 – Where does the gun industry seem to be headed in the future?
8 – Overall, what are the article’s central ideas?
9 – Do you think one’s right to access a weapon such as the AR-15 is protected by the Constitution? Explain. 
10 - What are the article's central ideas? 
11 - Historical synthesis: Is access to firearms such as the AR-15 essential in a free and democratic society? Why or why not? 

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