Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Politics and Government - Homework - Due - Thurs, March 17

1 - If you have not already read, analyzed, and interpreted the sixth amendment, please do so. You should define any unfamiliar terms.

2 - Read pgs 1 - 6 in Without Fear or Favor, annotate, and take notes.

3 - Create an analysis web or a chart for Judge Horton. You will be expected to add to this as you read the entire document, so I advise allotting at least a page for this task. Your web or chart should address what the character thinks, believes, says, and does, and each of these categories should be supported with evidence from the text. Moreover, you should make a clear assertion for each category before you provide the evidence. For instance, you may say that Thomas Knight thinks he can persuade the jury to be impartial, despite the racist attitudes held by the prospective jurors.  You also need to analyze and interpret the evidence you provide. You will not receive full credit if you don't meet the aforementioned guidelines.

4 - Identify each of the following individuals. Your identification should discuss the individual's significance and provide evidence from the text.

a) Norris
b) Powell
c) Bates
d) Price
e) Roddy and Moody
f) Knight
g) Leibowitz

5 - Discuss the social climate and physical conditions under which the first trial took place, both inside and outside of the courtroom. Why are these conditions significant? How do you think they impacted proceedings in the courtroom?

6 - Discuss media coverage of the case. How did it contribute to the overall tone and atmosphere? Provide evidence from the text.

7 - Why did Leibowitz ask for the indictments to be quashed, especially since he knew his motion would probably be denied?

8 - Discuss cultural differences between Northerners and Southerners.

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