Monday, March 21, 2016

Politics and Government - Homework - Due - Tues, March 22

1 - Read, annotate, and take notes: Understanding Powell v Alabama 

   - Why is the Powell case significant?

2 - Read, annotate, and take notes on the handout provided in class today, an excerpt from Norris v Alabama.

What did the court rule in this case? Why did the court rule the way it did?

Discuss the provisions of the Alabama statute regarding jury service.

What evidence does the defendant (Norris via his legal team) provide to demonstrate blacks had been excluded from juries?

What evidence suggested someone tampered with the jury rolls?

Discuss the history of the participation of blacks on juries in Morgan County.

Why does the Supreme Court reverse the judgments of the lower courts?

3 - Finish Without Fear or Favor, annotate, take notes

4 - Select a question to write about for your Scottsboro response essay. 

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