Friday, March 11, 2011

Democratizing Twentieth Century Homework

Read Zinn: "Or Does it Explode?" 456-467

1. Divide several pages in your notebook into three (3) columns: A, B, C.

2. Label each column. A: Key Terms/Concepts B: Quote C: Connections/Significance

3. For each column, consider the following questions:

A: What does Zinn want you to know, think and believe about this term?
B: What evidence can you provide to prove column A?
C: How might this term help you answer the questions: Why then? Why did the Civil Rights/Black Power Movement get underway when it did? What gains were won? What gains were sought, but not won? If the goals were only partially achieved, what limited their attainment?

4. Please compose 3-4 thought provoking questions for class discussion.


Arthur Sschlesinger: A Thousand Days
unemployment, poverty rates whites/blacks
Lyndon Johnson
Watts, Los Angeles
black migration to the North
Julius Lester
urban riots, 1967
National Advisory Committee on Urban Disorders
"Black Power Movement"
Black Panthers
Civil Rights Rights Act 1964, 1965, 1968
Vietnam War
King, FBI
"black capitalism"

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