Monday, March 14, 2011

Democratizing Twentieth Century Homework

Read pgs 523-532 in "The Black Revolution"

Take notes or fill out a secondary source analysis sheet. If you didn't pick one up or don't have one, it would look something like this:

P. O. V. – Consider: What is the main idea? What is this reading about? What does the author want you to know, think and believe? (more room on back)

Evidence –What are some direct quotes that struck you? List and define any new vocabulary. (more room on back)

Numeric Data – List significant statistics, distances, amount, rates, percentages, etc.

Connections – What is the unit’s essential question and how does it connect to the content of this article?

Significance/Reflection – What could you title this reading, or what would be a good alternate title? Explain. What most shocked, disappointed or inspired you about this reading?

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