Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Democratizing 20th Century America Homework - Due Thursday, Oct 6 (Friday for Internship Class)

1) Read Zinn pages 321-327

2) Construct a 3 column chart. (DO THE READING FIRST) Label:

column a) POV: person, place, organization or idea (What does Zinn want you to know, think or believe)

column b) evidence: quote(s)

column c) connection: (How does this connect to the Women's Suffrage Movement, and/or industrialization, immigration, education, WWI?)

3) Complete the chart using the following terms. DO THE READING FIRST

Emma Goldman
Mark Twain
Upton Sinclair
The Iron Heel
Morgans and Rockefellers
Triangle Shirtwaist Company

4) Processing: Write 1-2 paragraphs summarizing Zinn's major points. What do you think he wants readers to think and believe about the impact of industrialization? How do you think this relates to the Women's Suffrage Movement?

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