Saturday, October 8, 2011

Democratizing 20th Century America Homework Due - Oct 11

Read through page 339 in Zinn. Answer the following questions using complete sentences. Include a quote from the text to support your answer.

1. Discuss Upton Sinclair's book The Jungle. Why do you think he wanted more government regulation of business? Why do you think such problems were new in the Twentieth Century?

2. Discuss the relationship between banks and railroads.

3. Discuss Taylorism. How were immigrants impacted by Taylorism? Why do you think some people call typical public high schools with bells and timed periods the "factory model"?

4. What happened at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company? Why do you think this led to increased calls for regulation of business?

5. Analyze the findings of the Commission on Industrial Relations, 1914. What would you have said next if you were Weinstock?

6. How did race impact the ability of workers to organize into unions?

7. Compare the AFL with the IWW. Construct a Venn Diagram and write several sentences.

8. What is a general strike? What would that look like in New York City? Explain.

9. Discuss the tactics of the IWW. In what ways did they organize workers? What tactics did they use to help workers resist oppression?

10. Select and discuss 2 quotes that illustrate the impact of immigration on the IWW. Where were these immigrants from?

11. Analyze the "Rules for Female Teachers":

What did the authors of the Rules want people to know, think and believe?
What are some words or phrases that stood out to you? Why?
How do the rules connect to the suffrage movement?

12. Discuss the excerpt from the Handbook of the Women's Trade Industrial League. In what ways are the concept of Taylorism expressed? Can you make any connections to the Women's Suffrage Movement? Explain.

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