Monday, October 17, 2011

Politics and Government Homework - Due Tues, Oct 18

Unit 1 - Did the Constitution's framers intend to create a revolutionary and democratic government?

Read pages 1-13
Answer the following questions. Each answer should be several sentences and, whenever possible, make connections to the Zinn chapter "A Kind of Revolution" and the four History Now essays that you read and analyzed.

1. Discuss this quote: "George Washington...was serioulsy broke."
Why was George Washington having financial problems? How did his social class and reputation contribute to these problems?

2. Why was there concern about the Articles of Confederation?

3. Explain in detail the difference between Federalists and Anti-Federalists. Include the role of regional differences in your answers.

4. Discuss this quote: "In this crisis there were no Federalists, no future Republicans: only frightened men of property."
What is the crisis? Why does the author of the book want you to know think and believe after reading this statement? Explain.

5. What was the initial purpose of the Philidelphia convention? Why was Wahington conflicted about attending? Why was his presence needed?

6. Describe the new government formed by the Constitution. How did the new Constitution deal with slavery?

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