Monday, October 20, 2014

Democratizing Twentieth Century America - For Tomorrow - Oct, 21

We will be working on the essay this week. On day one, we will process, synthesize, and organize our notes.  Please make sure you bring all of your handouts with you to class.

a) Howard Zinn - "The Socialist Challenge" and "War is the Health of the State"
b) Kerber, De Hart - "Industrializing America"
c) Who Built America? - "Radicals and Reformers in the Progressive Era" pgs 213-229 "Woman Suffrage", "Factory Reform and the Conditions of Labor", "The Garment Industry and Working Women's Activism", "Socialist, Marxists and Anarchists" and pgs 286-292 "Women Workers and Woman Suffrage"

d) Business of Being a Woman 
e) PBS American Experience - Triangle Fire 
f) Emma Goldman speeches/essays 
g) other selected class links and documents (including primary sources--speeches etc.) and film clips and class notes  

Here is the essay rubric

Also, finish reading and primary source analysis for Wilson's speech on suffrage.

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