Monday, October 6, 2014

Democratizing Twentieth Century Homework - Due -TUESDAY, OCT 7

Please make sure that your group products are completed and ready to be submitted tomorrow. Each group will be expected to present its answers and facilitate a discussion. Everyone should contribute in some way, not stand in front of the room silently while one person in the group does the talking.


a)      Discuss the questions assigned to your group
b)      Based on your discussion, construct answers in writing. Your answers should provide at least two quotes as evidence. The evidence should be analyzed and consider what the text says directly, what it implies, how it relates to the overall argument about patriotism, and what it says about the time period, including some key events that may have influenced Goldman.
c)       Your final product should be neat, well written, and include the first and last names of group members

d)      Prepare yourselves to facilitate a brief class discussion about your questions. Think about a role each person can play. 

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