Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Politics and Government - Homework - Due Thursday, Oct 23

Read Dahl 62 - 76

Answer the following questions. Be sure to provide evidence from the text to support your answers.

1 - What is the difference between a presidential system and a parliamentary system?

2 - Why does Dahl suggest the Federalist Papers where propaganda?

3 - Discuss Hamilton's views on the presidency.

4 - What is "separation of powers?"

5 - Discuss the following quote:

"What [the Framers] adopt actually states that: 'Each state shall appoint, in such a manner as the legislature thereof may direct, a number of electors, equal to the whole number of Senators and representatives to which the State may be entitled in Congress.' Whatever the Framers intend by these words, the offer a huge opportunity for the democratic phase of the American revolution to democratize the presidency."

Why does the phrase "in such a manner as the legislature thereof may direct," offer a chance to democratize the presidency?

6 - How did the Constitutional Convention react to the proposal that the president be popularly elected?

7 - How was president originally selected under the Virginia Plan?

8 - How did Jackson, and later, Lincoln, Cleveland, Roosevelt, Wilson, and FDR transform the presidency? Define: mandate

9 - Why does Dalh refer to the democratization of the presidency as "pseudo-democratization."

10 - How did the British constitutional system change/evolve post-U.S. Constitutional Convention?

11 - What is the difference between a monarch, president, and prime minister?

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