Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Democratizing 20th Century America - Homework - Due Thurs, Oct 1

Zinn pgs 347 - 357  

Support each of your answers with direct evidence from the text. 

1 - Describe and discuss the African American experience during the Progressive Period. What is Zinn's argument regarding Progressivism and blacks? 

2 - Discuss the actions blacks took to resist against white supremacy.

3 - List the pieces of progressive legislation (including constitutional amendments) that were passed. Explain what each did.

4 - Theodore Roosevelt is characterized by many historians as a champion of progressive reform. In what ways does Zinn challenge this characterization?

5 - Discuss the roles played by organizations such as the National Civic Federation and the Federal Trade Commission. In what ways were these organizations a response to the growing demand for socialism?

6 - Discuss the Colorado coal strike and the Ludlow Massacre.

7 - What is Zinn's overall argument about the Progressive Era? (At least two paragraphs, with evidence)

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