Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Politics and Government - Homework - Due Thurdsay, Sept 17

A) Read Who Built America Handout pgs 247 - 253 (up to Conflict Over Economic Issues)

B) Make sure you annotate the text and take notes in your notebook.

C) Answer the following questions:

1 – List the groups that made up the Revolutionary coalition. Why might it be difficult to maintain such a coalition?
2 – How are republicanism and monarchy different?
3 – Who is Thomas Paine and why is he significant?
4 – Describe Pennsylvania’s 1776 constitution. Was it democratic? Why or why not?
5 – Who were the Green Mountain Boys? Why were they significant?
6 – In what ways did the colonies become more democratic after the war? Provide specific evidence from the text.
7 – Why does Adams believe the legislature should consist of two houses? Do you agree? Explain.
8 – Compare Paine’s and Adams’s views of republicanism.
9 – How did the constitutions of NY, VA, and MD differ from the constitution of PA?

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