Saturday, September 26, 2015

Politics and Government Homework - Due Monday, Sept 28

Finish watching Shays' Rebellion, take notes, and answer the following questions. Your answers should have a clear point of view and specific evidence from the video. Impressive answers will include direct quotes from the historians as well as primary source evidence to support your own sophisticated analysis and the interpretation of Shays' Rebellion. Be prepared to share your analysis during class discussion.
1 - Consider the political and economic and economic climates of New England in 1786.  How were farmers impacted by the post-war economy?  
2 - How did elites such as Samuel Adams, Henry Knox and George Washington react to the uprising? 
3 - It is often argued Shays’ Rebellion in part prompted elites to draw up a Federal Constitution.  Why do you think this is so?  Do you agree? Consider the Articles of Confederation in your answer. 
Identify: Daniel Shays, Samuel Adams, Henry Knox, George Washington, Job Shattuck, Benjamin Lincoln/commercial elite 

The first two that we watched in class:

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