Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Democratizing Twentieth Century America - Homework - Due Thurs, Oct 8

Read Zinn "War is the Health of the State" pages 359-365

Answer the following questions.  Support your answers with quotes from the text

Why did Sen Wadsworth propose a draft?

How/why do you think British military requirements changed over time?

How did industrialization impact the nature of war?

What was “no man’s land?”

Discuss the impact of media coverage.

Why did Wilson enter the war?

Discuss the William Jennings Bryant quote: “…opened the doors of all weaker countries to an invasion of American capital and enterprise.
How does this quote connect to the concept of imperialism?

Why did W. E. B. DuBois call the war a "Battle for Africa"?

Compare the Committee on Public Information, the Socialists, and the Alliance for Labor and Democracy's stances on the War.

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