Saturday, October 24, 2015

Democratizing Twentieth Century America - Homework - Due - Monday, Oct 26

1 - Read and create a primary source analysis for Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points Speech .

2 - Read Zinn 365 - 373

a) Identify and discuss significance: American Protective League
b) Identify and discuss significance: Minnesota Commission on Public Safety
c) Identify and discuss significance: Green Corn Rebellion
d) Discuss several different tactics used by the Establishment (the government and other powerful interests) to suppress opposition to the war. How do these tactics support Zinn's overall argument that war is the health of the state?
e) Identify and discuss significance: Jeanette Rankin, Kate Richards O'Hare, and Emma Goldman
How do their stances regarding the war compare to Alice Paul and Carrie Chapman Catt's? **Answer  should be at least two paragraphs
f) How did the war provide a chance for the government to shut down the IWW?

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