Saturday, October 3, 2015

Politics and Government Homework - Due Monday, Oct 5

1 - Read Who Built America? packet pages 257 - 269 and annotate.

2 - Answer the following questions:

a) Discuss the different views regarding slavery at the time of the revolution. In what ways did geography, economic interest, race, and religion help shape these views?

b) Discuss the roles blacks played on both sides during the Revolutionary War. Discuss the differences between states' polices regarding blacks during the war. Use specific examples from the text to support your answer.

c) Identify: Phyllis Wheatley

d) How did economics and geography shape states' slavery policies after the revolution?

f) Overall, did the revolution significantly impact the lives of blacks?

g) Why were some women hopeful the revolution would improve their condition?

h) Discuss the legal status of women after the revolution.

i) What economic opportunities did the revolution create for women?

j) Where did the Constitutional Convention take place? What was its initial purpose?

k) Identify: Federalists

l) Explain the difference between republicanism and democracy. Why were their doubts about republicanism succeeding in the U. S?

m) Why did Federalists believe republicanism would work? How would the vast size of the republic actually be a benefit?

n) Identify: Federalist Papers

o) What is federalism? In what ways was it a compromise for men such as Hamilton and Madison?

p) In what ways did the Constitution protect slavery?

q) Using the text and your notes from class, discuss one of the compromises made during the Constitutional Convention. Discuss tensions that remain today.

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