Friday, October 9, 2015

Politics and Government - Homework - Due Wed, Oct 14

I'll hand out books on Tuesday, so this will not be due until Wednesday. Please scroll to see Tuesday's assignment.

1 - Finish reading the Federalist #10 and #51. Complete a primary source analysis for each.

2 - Read Dahl pgs 29-46 answer the following questions:

a) Who was responsible for creating the two party system?

b) What questions does Dahl raise about factions/parties?

c) Discuss, analyze, and interpret the following quote:

"Today we take for granted that political parties and party competition are essential to representative democracy: we can be pretty sure that a country wholly without political parties is a country without democracy."

Do you agree of disagree? Explain your answer.

d) Define: partisan politics

e) Which features of the Electoral College are undemocratic?

f) Discuss James Madison's credentials as a politician prior to the Constitutional Convention.

h) Discuss the evolution of James Madison's views regarding majoritarianism. Provide evidence from varied places in the text. Moreover, use Federalist #10 to help you form your answer.

i) Discuss James Madison's evolving views on universal suffrage.

j) How might the Constitution have been different if written in 1820 instead of 1787? Why? Provide evidence from the text.

k) Discuss, analyze, and interpret the following quote:

"The Framers were not philosophers searching for a description of an ideal system. Nor--and we may be forever grateful to them for this--were they philosopher kings entrusted with the power to rule."

What is a "philosopher king?" Why should we be grateful? Explain?

l) How does Dahl define "advanced democratic country?"

m) Take a look at Tables 1 and 2 on page 186-187.

n) What is the difference between a federal and a unitary system?

o) Which places have absorbed their chamber?

p) Which countries have maintained a strong bicameral legislature?

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