Saturday, February 11, 2012

Democratizing Twentieth Century America - Feb Break Assignment - Due Mon, Feb 27

1) Read Zinn chap 17: "Or Does it Explode?"

2) Identify the each of the following terms. Consider the significance of each. How does the term relate to the essential question for the unit? Provide at least one quote from the text to support your notes for each term:

a) southern blacks and the communist party
b) Angelo Herndon
c) Harry Truman and blacks
e) Truman's Committee on Civil Rights
f) use of Federal Courts
g) Martin Luther King
h) Greensboro, NC
i) CORE/Freedom Rides
j) John Kennedy and blacks
l) Lyndon Johnson and blacks
m) Arthur Sschlesinger: A Thousand Days
n) unemployment, poverty rates whites/blacks
o) Lyndon Johnson
p) Watts, Los Angeles
q) black migration to the North
r) Julius Lester
s) urban riots, 1967
t) National Advisory Committee on Urban Disorders
u) "Black Power Movement"
v) Black Panthers
w) Civil Rights Rights Act 1964, 1965, 1968
x) Vietnam War
y) King, FBI
aa) "black capitalism"

Question: What did Malcolm X think about Martin Luther King's march on Washington? Provide at least one quote from the Malcolm X excerpt on 457-458.
Be prepared to participate in several class discussions on this chapter.

3) Read "Blacks in the Cold War Era"

4) Answer the following questions:

a) What was the purpose of the San Francisco Conference. Discuss blacks' attitudes about the San Francisco Conference. **3 quotes
b) How did blacks hope to use the U.N?
c) Discuss the gains blacks made via the Supreme Court.
d) Identify: "To Secure These Rights"
e) How did Harry Truman impact the status of blacks?
f) Provide 3 examples of evolution of black voting rights after WWII
g) Discuss NAAWP, White Citizens' Councils and interposition. How did these all impact African Americans?
h) In what ways did whites use violence to resist?
i) What is "white flight"? What caused it and how did imoact housing trends?
j) Discuss three gains blacks made regarding employment post WWII.

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