Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Politics and Government Break Homework - Due Monday, Feb. 27

Hey folks. I apologize for posting this late. It's due when you get back, but I understand if you need an extra day.

1) District of Columbia v. Heller

District of Columbia v. Heller (More detailed summary)

District of Columbia v. Heller (A simpler summary)

Colbert Report "Trigger Happy" - D.C. of Columbia v. Heller

Prepare a typed opinion analysis for submission. Remember to include excerpts from the opinion to support your work.

2) Mc Donald v. Chicago

Justices Extend Firearm Rights in 5-to-4 Ruling

The Aftermath of Mc Donald v. Chicago

Answer in notebook: What was the court's rationale for its ruling? What was the rationale behind the dissenting opinion? Which do you agree with and why? Why is this case significant? How do you think this ruling will impact the future of gun control?

3) Weeks v. United States

Identify the "exclusionary rule"

U. S. v. Santana

Identify "hot pursuit"

4) Mapp v. Ohio

Read and summarize. Be prepared to discuss.

5) Secret NYPD Demographic Unit revealed

Read and summarize article. State your opinion. (Graded for credit in notebook; expect to discuss)

6) Miranda v. Arizona

PBS Miranda v. Arizona

Summarize this case in notebook.

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