Friday, February 3, 2012

Democratizing Twentieth Century Homework - Due Monday Feb 6

1. Make sure you've read through page 425 in Zinn.

2. For each term do the following:

a) describe in your own words

b) write a quote from the text about the term

1 - Socialist Workers Party
2 - Smith Act
3 - Attitudes toward Japanese
4 - Air raids/bombings
5 - Hiroshima/Nagasaki
6 - Manhattan Project
7 - Executive Order 9066

3. Answer each of the following questions. Provide one or two quotes from the text to support your answer.

a) Why did the Civil Rights Movement get underway when it did?

b) How was WWII a "war to save capitalism?"

c) How did WWII affect workers and unions?

d) Discuss the U. S.'s role in WWII

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