Monday, March 2, 2015

Democratizing Twentieth Century America - Homework - Due Tues, March 3

1) Read Zinn chap 17: "Or Does it Explode?", pgs 443-455

2) Identify the each of the following terms. Consider the significance of each, provide quotations to support when necessary (if you say it's not necessary you're getting a zero), and consider how the term might fit into an argument in your essay.

a) southern blacks and the communist party
b) Angelo Herndon
c) Harry Truman and blacks
e) Truman's Committee on Civil Rights
f) use of Federal Courts
g) Martin Luther King
h) Greensboro, NC
i) CORE/Freedom Rides
j) John Kennedy and blacks
k) Historical Synthesis: Discuss Zinn's use of poems and other primary sources the illustrate the psychological condition of African Americans.

(Due Wed, March 4) 

Read Franklin 515 - 521

g) What is "white flight"? What caused it and how did impact housing trends?
h) Discuss three gains blacks made regarding employment post WWII.
i) Identify: Fair Housing Act
j) Primary Source Analysis: James Baldwin Reflects on the Ghetto
k) Discuss the degree to which blacks participated in business and commerce. 

Read Zinn 455-462 


1) Discuss and interpret Malcolm X's characterization of the March on Washington. Provide at least one quote for evidence.   
2) Select any three quotes that connect to a Civil Rights Movement Cause.  Copy the quote into your notebook and analyze.

3) Identify the following terms. 

m) Lyndon Johnson and blacks
n) Arthur Sschlesinger: A Thousand Days
o) unemployment, poverty rates whites/blacks
p) Lyndon Johnson
q) Watts, Los Angeles
r) black migration to the North

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