Monday, March 16, 2015

Democratizing Twentieth Century America - Homework - Due Tues, March 17

Read Gosse pgs 7 -23

**Identify = Who or what is this? Why is this significant in the context of this unit? What are some details you can provide as evidence?

1 - What is de facto segregation?

2 - What were the goals of the Northern Civil Rights Movement?

3 - Identify: Malcolm X 

4 - What was covered by the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

5 - What was the Freedom Summer Project and what was its impact?

6 - What was the Voting Rights Act and what key events led up to it?

7 - What sparked the Free Speech Movement?

8 - Identify - Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

9 - Why were some Americans initially supportive of Castro?

10 - Discuss the goals and tactics of the early Gay Rights Movement

11 - Why did the liberal consensus fall apart in the late 1960s?

12 - Discuss the election of 1964.

13 - were some people radicalized by Vietnam?

14 - Identify: Eugene McCarthy

15 - What was the Black Power Movement and how did it differ from the Civil Rights Movement? Why did the Black Power Movement get underway when it did?

16 - Discuss connections between the Black Power and Women's Liberation Movements.

17 - Discuss the significance of international events in 1968.

18 - Identify: Richard Nixon 

*****Also: Claim and three arguments*****

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