Thursday, March 19, 2015

Politics and Government - Homework - Due Friday, March 20

1 - Read The Trials of the "Scottsboro Boys?" pages 1-4 (read through the paragraph at the top of the page)

**Identify = Who or what is this and why is it significant?

a) Identify: Clarence Norris
b) What was hoboing?
c) Discuss the economic context and significance of the Great Depression.
d) What happened on the train.
e) Identify: Judge Hawkins
f) Discuss the impact of the media
g) How much time elapsed between the arrests and the trial? Was this amount of time appropriate? Explain.
h) Why did the prosecutors try the boys in groups of 2 or 3?
i) Discuss the actions of the NAACP and the communists. Compare and contrast the two groups.
j) How did the Alabama Supreme rule?
k) Identify: Powell v Alabama 

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