Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Politics and Government - Homework - Due Thurs, March 26

1 - Read Norris v Alabama, title chunks/paragraphs, annotate.

2 - Answer the following questions about the case:

a) To where was a the change of venue granted?

b) Copy into notes:
 1. grand jury:  a jury, normally of twenty-three jurors, selected to examine the validity of an accusation before trial.
 2. petit jury: an old-fashioned name for the jury that hears a lawsuit or criminal prosecution.

c) According to this opinion, what conclusion did the court reach in Strauder v WVA, Neal v DE, and Gibson v MS? Why is that significant in regard to Norris v Alabama?

d) Discuss the provisions of the Alabama statute regarding jury service.

e) Copy into notes: 
 1. prima facie: based on the first impression; accepted as correct until proved otherwise.

f) What evidence does the defendant (Norris via his legal team) provide to demonstrate blacks had been excluded from juries?

g) How does the court interpret the evidence provided by the defendant?

h) What evidence suggested someone tampered with the jury rolls?

i) Discuss the history of the participation of blacks on juries in Morgan County.

j) Why does the Supreme Court reverse the judgments of the lower courts? 

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