Thursday, March 26, 2015

Democratizing Twentieth Century - New Left Group Presentations

Please reach out to folks in your group now. You will have very limited class time to work on this project, so please make arrangements to meet on your own time outside of class. This project is 20% of your final grade. 

Black Power Movement

Alfredo, Emily, Athena, Anderson, Ana, Veronica

Gimmy, Olivia, Kayla, Kevin, Francesca, Richard

Antiwar Movement

Brandon, Mariam, Jackie, Ally, Timmy

Alex, Andrea, John, Miles, Nick, Theoren

Women's Liberation Movement 

Anna, Nikki, Nilou, Tess

Maddie, Arta, Annais, David, Bradley, Jose, SiAi  

Latino, Chicano, Red Power, Multicultural Movement 

Allie, Kayla M., Eldin, Sheila

Jenna, Jacinto, Zhi Min, Thomas, Sean

LGBT Liberation Movement 

Kayla T., Angella, Logan, Aiden, Kyra, Logan 

Victoria, Ferdawsi, Kim, Rebecca, Pia, Truly, Arjeta

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