Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Civil War and Reconstruction Homework, Due Oct 22

Finish Reading the Nature of Female Slavery (pgs 110-115)

1. Discuss truancy among female slaves. Why were female slaves less likely to have survival skills than male slaves?

2. What was an abroad marriage? How did the abroad marriage impact the male or female slave's ability to escape? Discuss.

3. Discuss the slave women Alcey and Lucy. What tactics did they use to resist involuntary servitude?

4. Discuss the story of Dr. Keitt as told by Mary Chesnut. What do you think of his slave's actions?

5. Discuss the use of illness to resist involuntary servitude. Why was this strategy more frequently employed by women?

6. Discuss President James Polk's slave Maria.

7. Discuss health care on plantations.

8. Discuss abortion and infanticide on the plantation. What is your personal view about what you've read about these issues?

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