Thursday, October 29, 2009

Democratizing Twentieth Century Response Essay-Women's Suffrage

Response essay, due Friday, November 13.

For the past several weeks we have been studying the Industrial Revolution as a context for understanding how and why women got the right to vote when they did. In your next essay, you will discuss the Women's Suffrage Movement. You will demonstrate your understanding of this movement--its roots, its successes and its limitations. You will also demostrate your understanding of the historic context, including the rise of socialism and Progressivism.

In this essay you must include evidence obtained from the following sources:

a) Howard Zinn - "The Socialist Challenge" and "War is the Health of the State"
b) Kerber, De Hart - "Industrializing America"
c) Who Built America? - "Woman Suffrage", "Factory Reform and the Conditions of Labor", "The Garment Industry and Working Women's Activism", "Socialist, Marxists and Anarchists" **(this book is only available in class and yuo must use class time to take your notes)
d) Women's Suffrage Packet

Your essay should respond to the Essential Questions:

a) Why then? Why did the endeavor for this reform get underway when it did?

b) What gains were won? What gains were sought but not won?

c) If this reform was only partially achieved, what limited its attainment?

You must write an essay that:

a) Contains a clear point of view and explicitly uses evidence to defend your thesis.

b) Demonstrates your knowledge of the Women's Suffrage Movement and its historic context.

c) Demonstrates your understanding of political and economic systems.

d) Includes at least 8 quotes from the documents you received in class, including primary sources and statistic/numeric evidence.

e) Includes at least 2 quotes from an article you found that discusses Women's Suffrage

f) Is nuanced. Evidence should be mixed and not all come from the same document. You should have more than one argument.

g) Demonstrates critical thinking; raises and answers questions.

h) Conforms to grammar standards.

i) Is interesting to read and well written.

j) Is 4-5 pages, typed, double-spaced 12 pt font

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