Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Democratizing 20th Century America, Homework Due Oct. 22

Read Zinn pages 44-56

1) Create a three column chart. Label the columns as follows:

Column A - Term/Concept/Person
(For this column discuss the item. What does Zinn want you to know, thing and believe about this item.)

Column B - Quote
(Select a quote or quotes from the text about this item.)

Column C - Connections
(How does this connect to industrialization, women's suffrage, immigration or another unit topic)


**means two quotes are needed

IWW (I know you did this term before, you must do it again)
free speech fights
The Preacher and the Slave
Joe Hill
Lawrence, MA (I expect a detailed discussion of these events)**
difference between the AFL and IWW
"One Big Union"
Rules for Female Teachers

2)How did immigration impact the labor movement during the early Twentieth Century? (Include at least two quotes in your answer)

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