Sunday, October 25, 2009

Homework Due Monday, October 26

Sorry this post is late folks (no computer). Please try to have this done for Monday, but I wont check until Tuesday.

Civil War and Reconstruction

Read: Slavery and the Growth of the South pgs 306 to 324

-fill out first analysis sheet for pg 306-16 (Agranian Society through Slaves and Conditions of Their Servitude)

-fill out second sheet for pg 316-324 (Slaves and Condotions of Their Servitude to Harmony and Tension in a Slave Society)

Democratizing Twentieth Century America

-Read the Battle for Suffrage Packet. Identify the following terms using a few sentences for each:

Seneca Falls Convention
women's education/college
Grover Cleveland
Anna Garlin Spencer
Carrie Chapmann Catt
Alice Paul
Woodrow Wilson/Women's Suffrage
Woodrow Wilson/WWI
Fourteen Points
Nineteenth Amendment

-construct a venn diagram to compare NASWA and NWP (National Woman's Party)

-Read Zinn pgs 56-the end, make notes and annotate.

Answer the following questions:

1. Discuss the Progressive Era. List the pieces of Progressive legislation. What does Zinn seem to be saying about the intentions of Progressives like Theodore Roosevelt. Compare Progressivism with socialism.

2. Discuss the Ludow Massacre.

3. What was the National Civil Federation. How did it undermine the goals of socialists and radicals?

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